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Vegan Nutrimins!

Vegans have chosen to avoid all animal products for a number of reasons.  Some reasons are religious, some are for the concern of the animals welfare, and some people are convinced that a Vegan lifestyle is a good healthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the reason a person chooses a Vegan life, they should be aware of some of the Nureimins (Nutrients) they would be in short supply of or missing.

This information differs from what some Natural Hygienist will say, but today most Natural Hygienists have seen the truth that eating just raw fruit and vegetables that are commonly available at our markets today, is not going to result in an optimum life.

That said, I will tell you that I do believe in Natural Hygiene!  At least to a degree.  I believe in the design of all life – that there is a creator who had purpose in our design.

For example, our atmosphere had only half the oxygen it had just 90-100 years ago (are cars eating it?).  It is believed in days past there may have been three times as much O2 in each breath as we breathe today!  Unwashed green vegetables grown in such conditions are usually covered in Vitamin B-12.

People’s moving to cold northern climates and having an abundance of sea life to eat, require their bodies to make no DHA, an omega-3 fat.  Without this ability people on a strict plant based diet would get sick and die.  With the abundance of DHA it was no longer needed to convert Plant ALA to EPA to DHA.  EPA and DHA could be derived directly from the fish they ate.  So the people without this ability prospered and multiplied.  Today, it is estimated that 20% of northern people cannot do this conversion in their bodies and therefor need to consume some DHA other than omega-3’s from average plants like Flax.

The point of this, is the optimal diet changes as man has changed his environment.  We cannot say just because this is our design, that will give us the best health.  We need to consider how we have changed the design of everything around us, and get our lives as close to the original design as possible.

For Moral or Ethical Vegans, that may mean taking supplements for Omega-3 DHA, B-Alanine or L-Carnosine and Vitamins C, B-12 and D.  For optimal health recovery (regaining health) Zinc, CoQ10, DHEA, MSM, iron.

Some will need to add a good pro-bionic like Kefir (sheep or goats milk kefir is best for Vegetarians), or for moral/ethical reasons (Vegans) or lactose intolerance, Tibicos (Tibicos Buko or Tibicos Tubig (muscovado) works well).  For Raw Vegans Tibicos Buko (from coconut water) would be considered raw by most.

Enjoy each Nutrimin and live well!

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